We are happy to announce a new call for submissions to 4th issue of comic zine Still Without Name (SW/ON). The topic of this edition is DELUSIONS AND ERRORS.

Please find below main requirements for submitting  works to us:

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please send us a small preview file of your artwork before you send us the high resolution files. We will inform you ASAP if your work is suitable for this issue and we will give you more details about how you can prepare your files for the printing process.

Size of the issue – A5, portrait

Margins of each page – not  less than 1 cm from all sides (left, right, top, bottom)

Colors – up to 5(+1). Please use only monochrome layers for each of your colors. We don’t accept works with more than 5 colors pallet. If you want to use some photographic artwork, it should be sent to us as monochrome image. You can use  following colors in your artworks – red/blue/yellow/green/black (+ white=background or paper color).  It can be one or any combination of these colors. Overlap of different colors is possible.

Each color should have its own page/layer that is saved in grey-scale mode (e.g.  5 colors = 5 grey-scale pages/layers) . That means if your work/story is 3 pages long and every page of your story will have 3 different colors, we should receive from you one PDF with 9 grey-scale pages that contain all of your color layers and all your story pages. In this case, you should clearly indicate which page in your PDF file correspond what color on which page of your story. Alternatively, you can send us 9 separate PNG or JPG files that are clearly named (eg. MY_ARTWORK_pg1_green.png, MY_ARTWORK_pg1_red.png etc.).

Minimal resolution of your artworks – no less than 300 DPI.

Suitable file formats: PDF, PNG, JPG, TIF.

More info on how to prepare your works for printing with our digital duplicators you can find on our web page LAYOUT SET UP.


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